"Writing for Financial Professionals" Onsite Workshop

When your team is tasked with relaying complex information to an uninformed reader, how well do they do? How much time and energy is wasted answering questions about documents that the reader didn't understand because the messaging was too complex? Our workshops will arm your team with the tools they need to write easy-to-read documents for a variety of readers.

What Makes our Workshops Unique

We evaluate your team’s writing samples and design a financial writing workshop that specifically addresses their writing needs. During the professional technical writing class, your team gets multiple opportunities to apply the concepts and are given real-time feedback to ensure they’re able to successfully apply the concepts. The result? Your team will complete our workshop armed with tools they need to improve their workplace documents.

A Customized Workshop Equals Success
Workshops have been shown to generate better results than seminars. And our onsite workshops are workshops in the truest sense of word. We use micro-learning coupled with collaborative breakout sessions and in-class exercises to ensure that your team can successfully apply the concepts. And, unlike a grammar course that pummels them with rules, we teach concepts based on readability studies and problem-solving. The result is a streamlined writing process and more targeted documents.

Retention Strategies
Training is great, but what happens when the excitement wears off? We have several solutions to ensure that your team remembers and can implement the strategies long after the training is over. Our easy-to-use platforms remind your team of critical concepts, ask them to continue to apply strategies, and provide resources. In addition, they measure behavioral changes to provide you with analytics. Learn More

With a Hurley Write workshop, you’re guaranteed a successful outcome!