"Data-Driven Storytelling" Course Description

Most professionals who collect data understand that it tells a story; however, when these same professionals must use the data to tell the story to internal or external stakeholders, they often struggle, believing that the story the data tells should be obvious. If this describes your team, we can help. Our interactive, customized onsite workshop teaches your team strategies to use the data to tell compelling, engaging stories.

The overall objective  (learning outcome) is to provide a toolkit of "Best Practices" for each participant to make effective,  professional,  and successful presentations.
These "Best Practices " are incorporated within the three critical phases of making successful presentations,  including:

  1. DISCOVERY (audience analysis and profile) 
  2. DESIGN (content simplification,  visualization, and sequencing) 
  3. DELIVERY ( practice,  body language,  and storytelling)

At the conclusion of this onsite workshop, participants should be able to:
  • Conduct an audience analysis to identify the most relevant content
  • Understand the importance of delivering a small number of big ideas/key insights  
  • Design a simple and crisp presentation with a  logical content and narrative flow
  • Learn how to sequence and transition the content to build the case for audience action 
  • Link your data, charts, and illustrations (visuals) directly to the big ideas
  • Light up the right brain with great visuals, charts, and examples 
  • Master key presentation skills to deliver powerful and compelling presentations:
    • Power of persuasion
    • Body language 
    • Storytelling


The Hurley Write Difference

We customize all of our workshops using your team’s or organization’s writing examples. Our proven process will ensure that your team has the strategies to write effective documents.

Hurley Write ...
  • Instructors are experts—they have extensive backgrounds in professional writing and teaching

  • Uses your team’s documents to meet your specific objectives

  • Provides a team experience to ensure ongoing collaboration and learning

  • Provides ongoing support after the workshop to ensure concepts are applied in meaningful ways

Hurley Write Does NOT ...
  • Use “talking heads” as instructors who lack knowledge about writing

  • Use generic presentations that don’t apply to your key document needs

  • Use a cookie-cutter approach

  • Offer a “one-and-done” workshop with no follow-up

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