Writing Executive Summary Workshop
Course Description

Let’s face it—attention spans are getting shorter and many readers just want the high-level stuff, which is what the executive summary is supposed to do. Unfortunately, executive summaries often include too much detail, neglect their readers’ needs for information (both in terms of type and how it’s presented), and aren’t written to be accessible. In our customized onsite workshop or virtual training, your team will learn how to use bottom line up front (BLUF) and other strategies to write executive summaries that busy readers can read quickly.

Our customized onsite workshop or virtual training teaches your team how to write executive summaries that are effective, easy to read, and that highlight the appropriate information.

Our Writing Effective Summary course is offered virtually and onsite; either way, it's completely customized to focus on your team's needs. Just like our onsite workshops, the virtual training incorporates examples, exercises, and breakout sessions. Included in pricing is all hosting, handouts, and customization.