Exceptional Technical Writing Course
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If your team writes user manuals, SOPs, deviation reports, instructions, policies, procedures, or really any variety of documents that people must use in their work, they're writing technical documents. The one overwhelming question that we have to start asking is: how well prepared is your team to actually write them?

Too often, writers faced with creating these types of documents either lack the expertise, or they've never been taught how to write them, or even how to write them well. So consequently, what happens then? The documents miss the mark. They're unusable. They're unclear. They're confusing. They're often unfocused. But there's good news. The good news is your team can actually learn how to write better technical documents that are concise, precise, targeted, and ultimately, the goal is, usable.

In our workshop, Exceptional Technical Writing, our team was going to learn research-based strategies that will help them plan, write, and revise a variety of technical documents. Our technical writing courses are offered as an online and even as a customized instructor-led onsite webinar and virtual classes. Contact us today and we'll be able to put together a customized solution for your team www.HurleyWrite.com, or call us.

If your firm does technical work, you appreciate the value of critical thinking. And if your team can think critically, good news: they’re already better writers than they think they are.

Whether your team writes user manuals, deviation reports, investigative reports, root cause analysis reports, SOPs, or other types of technical documents, our technical writing workshops and courses will give them the skills they need to write more targeted, effective technical documents in less time.

Offered as a customized workshop, webinar, and virtually.