"Effective Organizational and Rhetorical Strategies to Master"

In your native language, your writing style varies across settings, audiences, and purposes. The same is true of writing in English. Working in or with US corporations adds the challenge of learning another language and the range of rhetorical styles used for writing in different contexts in business settings. This course will teach your team paragraph structures that are optimal for business writing and introduce your team to a range of rhetorical strategies that they can adapt to specific writing tasks.

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize that rhetorical patterns vary across cultures and languages and do not always translate directly
  • Recognize that rhetorical patterns within a language/culture also vary across social contexts, audiences, and purpose
  • Compose optimal paragraph structures for business writing
  • Understand the importance of word choice, sentence structure, and organization to clarity of meaning for readers who skim
  • Understand the types of supporting information that count as valid evidence in business writing
  • Recognize a range of business writing genres and formats in terms of pragmatic functions and purposes: problem-solution, comparison, process, description, persuasion, summary, decision-making
  • Be able to interpret and execute precisely what is asked for in a writing task