"Writing for Social Media"
Course Description

What do your firm’s social media posts say about your business? How do grammatical issues, lack of focus, or inappropriate posts influence how potential customers see you? Social media, like it or not, has become influential in determining how consumers learn about you and your company and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. So, it’s important that your firm’s social media posts be poignant, compelling, engaging, and accurate.

Our customized onsite writing for social media training workshop teaches your team strategies to analyze effective social media posts and write posts that are effective and engaging.

Social Media Course Structure

  • Interactive breakout sessions
  • In-class exercises
  • Collaborative exercises
  • Short lectures
  • Socratic discussion

The Hurley Write Difference

We customize all of our workshops using your team’s or organization’s writing examples. Our proven process will ensure that your team has the strategies to write effective documents.

Hurley Write ...
  • Instructors are experts—they have extensive backgrounds in the science of giving effective presentations

  • Focuses on your team’s needs in terms of creating and delivering effective presentations

  • Provides a team experience to ensure ongoing collaboration and learning

  • Provides ongoing support after the workshop to ensure concepts are applied in meaningful ways

Hurley Write Does NOT ...
  • Use “talking heads” as instructors who lack knowledge about presentations

  • Use a cookie-cutter approach to address your team’s presentation needs

  • Offer a “one-and-done” workshop with no follow-up

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