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Better Business Writing

Our six-module online business writing course arms  you with the tools you need to plan, write, and revise business documents; write for a variety of readers; avoid common problems in business writing; plan and write effective emails, business reports, and proposals; and edit and proofread business documents.

Exceptional Technical Writing

In this interactive six-module course, you’ll be introduced to effective technical writing concepts so you can write cleanly, crisply, and succinctly. You’ll develop strategies to plan, write, and revise quickly and easily, empowering you to write user-friendly, more readable technical documents that reflect positively on the organization.

Succinct Scientific Writing

Our convenient, interactive eight-module online scientific writing course uses critical thinking as its foundation and provides practical strategies to help you plan, write, and revise any scientific document.

Effective Writing for Engineers

Our seven-module technical writing online course, designed specifically for engineers, provides a variety of strategies, all based on problem-solving, you can use to make your writing more concise, precise, and readable.

Hurley Write has an online course tailored specifically to meet your team's needs.

Our Philosophy Online courses are popular for a variety of reasons

But let’s face it

Not all courses are created equal. In fact, we’ve all gone through online training where our ultimate goal was to get to the quiz, pass that, and move on. The course is so boring, so irrelevant, and the information so obvious that you wonder why you’re wasting your time.

The good news is that online courses can be exciting, engaging, and your team can actually learn new approaches to streamline their writing and write more targeted documents! For that to happen, the session must provide real, relevant strategies and introduce practical techniques that your team can use immediately.

And that’s exactly what our online course options provide! The concepts we teach are based on research, so that when your team completes a Hurley Write online workshop, they will have a toolbox of proven, time-tested strategies that help them plan, write, and revise more effectively and efficiently.

Best of all, with an online course, your team can take the class when it's convenient. Online courses provide each participant the opportunity to learn at their own pace. 

When you choose an online course for your team, you can bet that they’ll be excited to apply what they’ve learned. 

Compare Our Offerings

  Virtual Onsite Online
Instructor-led Pre-recorded
Behavioral analytics    
Recorded sessions    
How offered Real time At your facility Self-paced
Number of participants (max) 15 15 Unlimited
Certificate of completion


What You’ll Love

  • Self-paced
  • Short modules take only 30 minutes to complete
  • Writing options and cheat sheets included
  • Feedback on writing
  • Quizzes, take-aways, examples, and exercises

What We Love

  • Participants have multiple opportunities to apply concepts
  • Self-paced means that participants can work according to their schedules

Can be Combined With

  • Coaching
  • Onsite workshop to create a blended course
  • Pre- and post-class assessment


  • Writing options and cheat sheets
  • Certificate of completion
  • Feedback on writing
  • “Writing in the Workplace” eBook and workbook

Best for

  • Teams that may be in different locations
  • Teams that can work independently


  • Pre- and post-class assessment
  • Access to our digital library
  • Coaching
  • Feedback on writing
  • Retention platforms