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Our Promise Our Promise

We promise that your team, whether they participate in an onsite workshop, online course, or webinar, will walk away with the tools they need to write more effective documents in less time.

We believe that everyone, regardless of profession, background, or education, can learn to write effective documents. And that they can learn and apply strategies that will help them write these documents in less time.

We understand that the professionals on your team are smart (if they weren’t, you wouldn’t have hired them!). We also understand that they’re great problem-solvers and critical thinkers, but that many of them dislike writing or see writing as secondary to their job. Because they dislike writing, they often procrastinate and/or don’t spend the time they should planning and writing.

The bottom line is that many professionals simply don’t have the tools they need to write effective documents. But the good news is that when professionals are taught strategies that teach them how to apply their problem-solving skills to the writing process, they have the tools to plan, write, and revise more effectively and efficiently.

We use a workshop-style approach in our onsite workshops and webinars. A workshop engages participants on a variety of levels. In a workshop, participants get "hands-on" attention, are provided ample opportunities to apply the concepts, and get real-time feedback from our world-class instructors.

We use your team’s writing samples. Rather than use generic examples, we use excerpts from your team's writing so that they can apply the concepts to work with which they’re familiar. And don’t worry: the writing is never criticized; instead, our focus is on helping participants apply the concepts in a way that makes sense. The result is that participants walk away with real strategies they can apply to any writing project. 

We teach concepts based on readability studies. We’ve spent years researching writing and how readers read, and we stay up-to-date on the latest research (after all, how readers read now isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago!). When participants learn concepts based on how readers read, they’re better equipped to analyze their own writing; write for a particular outcome and reader; and write targeted, cogent documents.