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Pam Hurley

Pam Hurley, PhD

Pam Hurley, PhD, is the founder and president of Hurley Write, Inc., a certified women-owned small business. Pam’s teaching style has been described as “energetic” and “straightforward.” Indeed, many clients credit Pam with giving them the strategies they needed to start thinking critically about their own writing.

What makes Pam unique?

  • Pam never stops learning and applies what she learns about writing to her classes on an ongoing basis.
  • She’s been perfecting this notion of readability and applying problem-solving skills to writing since she started the business and, through many iterations, has developed a technique that helps professionals solve their writing problems: they write better documents in less time.
  • Pam’s dry sense of humor makes her a favorite in the classroom, as she can take a subject that many professionals see as dry and make it fun!
MJ Hurley

MJ Hurley, MA
Executive Consultant/Trainer

MJ Hurley has been described as “fun,” “energetic,” and a “great instructor.” Indeed, some of our clients insist upon having MJ as their instructor!

MJ’s background as a pitcher both in high school and college taught him many things, not the least of which is the value of collaboration, which he brings to every class he teaches. MJ is an enthusiastic and lifelong Hokie, having earned his undergraduate degree in Professional Writing and his master’s in Instructional Technologies from Virginia Tech.

What makes MJ unique?

  • MJ’s diverse experience working with professionals from engineers to admins to scientists has made him adept at catering his courses to the unique needs of his audience.
  • MJ’s unique style of bringing fun to the courses he teaches makes him a Hurley Write favorite. Through his sense of humor, MJ engages even the most skeptical of participants to realize that writing doesn’t have to be a burden.
  • His philosophy centers on helping participants understand that tackling any writing task involves strategy and critical thinking, skills that all professionals have mastered.
Jennifer Torkelson

Jennifer Torkelson, PhD
Head of Quality Assurance/Executive Consultant/Trainer

Jennifer Torkelson, Ph.D., has been described “as the best technical writing teacher ever!” High praise, indeed, but warranted, as Jennifer has a wealth of experience as a published writer and writing instructor (she’s been doing both for 15 years!).

What makes Jennifer unique?

  • Jennifer brings a sense of curiosity to the classroom and highlights the intricate link between inquiry and writing by encouraging open and honest dialogue.
  • As a published author, Jennifer understands the many challenges writers may face, including procrastination, perfectionism, and that pesky writer's block; she has used this knowledge to develop strategies to help writers overcome these challenges.
  • Her extensive work with both domestic and international clients has helped her create a classroom in which there is an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration.
Jared Daigle

Jared Daigle, MA
Onboarding/Training Manager

Jared’s been described by clients as “thoughtful,” intelligent,” and “a great problem-solver.” One client commented that “Jared was very knowledgeable and open to hearing everyone's ideas and answers to course questions.” Jared’s unique ability to ensure that every voice is heard makes him one of our more popular instructors.

What makes Jared unique?

  • He believes that everyone can improve their writing skills if they have a strategy.
  • Jared is able to quickly pivot to answer any writing-related questions that come up.
  • He ensures that participants are engaged so that they can practice their skills in an environment where they feel respected and where their contributions are valued.
Angie Pennington

Angie Pennington, MA
Project Coordinator
Executive Trainer/Consultant

Clients laud Angie as being able to take complex ideas and make them “digestible.” She’s described as “engaging and fun.” One client even said that she "provided a great experience for a class I dreaded." In fact, for many years, Angie thought she was a "bad writer" until she learned how to predict readers’ expectations, a skill she brings to every class she teaches.

What makes Angie unique?

  • She uses a non-directive peer approach, asking questions to expound upon participants’ knowledge of their own work to help them critically think about how the principles we cover in our classes apply to their specific context.
  • She is committed to inclusive teaching practices and to creating a comfortable and respectful space where participants can speak freely.
  • Angie helps writers become better by teaching them how to write strategically in any context. Her background in Instructional Design Technology means she is always thinking about ways to make her classes more engaging, and she keeps a close eye on technologies that may make the writing process easier.
  • Angie loves talking about the writing process; her copywriting and editing experience has given her a million and one tricks for idea generation.
Sarah Adams

Sarah Adams, MA
Executive Consultant/Trainer

Sarah R. Adams has been described by clients as creative, knowledgeable, and someone who makes learning new ideas fun!

Sarah brings a wide variety of unique writing experiences to Hurley Write as an award-winning multimedia producer, reporter, and writer with a PBS/NPR television and radio station. Sarah’s nearly decade of college classroom experience as a professor of media writing means she understands how challenging writing can be, even for seasoned professionals!

What makes Sarah unique?

  • Because she understands how challenging writing can be, she loves spending time figuring out new ways to help others develop strategies to make the process easier and less time-consuming.
  • Sarah believes that learning should be fun (a belief that she brings to life in the classroom); to that end, she develops engaging experiences that people remember long after the workshop is over.
  • Sarah encourages participants to dig in and try new things, as this is what helps participants develop new and lasting strategies.
Jenny Baranick

Jenny Baranick, MA
Executive Consultant/Trainer

Clients describe Jenny’s teaching style as “engaging,” “fun,” and “very interactive.” They appreciate the great takeaways from her class and her “enthusiasm toward writing.”

What makes Jenny unique?

  • Her approach is fun, engaging, and welcoming. Those who typically don’t feel comfortable participating in group situations find themselves contributing to class discussions and enjoying group exercises.
  • She loves to help participants find a writing process that works for them. She believes that a successful writing process is key to alleviating writer’s block, saving time, and enhancing writing quality.
  • Her favorite thing about teaching is helping participants discover the writing strengths they never knew they had and building on them.
Elizabeth Preston

Elizabeth Preston, PhD
Executive Consultant/Trainer

Elizabeth Preston has been described as “passionate,” “enthusiastic,” and as an instructor “who truly cares about her work” and clients. She’s been a writing instructor for over eight years, has had success in numerous writing contests, and has additional education in psychology and economic policy.

Elizabeth consistently receives glowing reviews as an instructor and has worked with clients from various fields including accounting, engineering, mathematics, information technology, biology, geology, environmental science, neuroscience, psychology, medicine, law, economics, sociology, history, and education.

What makes Elizabeth unique?

  • Elizabeth believes that every writing ill can be analyzed, dissected, and fixed with the proper strategies and practice. To her, no problem is unsolvable.
  • Her approach is welcoming and open-minded, yet goal oriented.
  • She is also unique in that she has a background in humor writing and believes that humor can help “make the medicine go down.”
John Willard

John Willard, MA
Lead Researcher/Analyst

John has spent his career in leadership roles in Consumer Insights/Market Research at Bayer Consumer Health and American Express, after starting on the advertising agency side with Publicis (formerly DMB&B).

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Hurley Write, Inc., a certified women-owned small business (WBENC and WOSB), has been designing and teaching customized onsite, virtual,  and online technical, business, and scientific writing courses for over 30 years. We also develop and teach specialty courses, such as writing proposals, standard operating procedures (SOPs), deviation, and investigation reports, and preparing and giving great presentations.

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