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Pam Hurley

Pam Hurley, PhD

Pam Hurley, PhD, is the founder and president of Hurley Write, Inc., a certified women-owned small business. Pam started the business for one simple reason: as an academic, she saw her students struggle with their writing. In fact, many of them simply had the attitude that they “couldn’t” write. She knew this wasn’t true but was unsure of how to teach these students anything that would help them, as the textbooks she used certainly weren’t promising.

While in graduate school, Pam was introduced to the concept of readability studies and a lightbulb went off! She knew that these concepts could help her students. And they did. When she started teaching these concepts, students’ writing began to improve, they seemed to struggle less with their writing, and many of them commented on how much easier it was to write.

Pam has been perfecting this notion of readability and applying problem-solving skills to writing and she’s developed a technique that helps professionals solve their writing problems: they write better documents in less time.

MJ Hurley

MJ Hurley, MA

MJ Hurley earned his degree in Professional Writing from Virginia Tech, which he attended on a baseball scholarship. He excelled academically while at VT, maintaining a high GPA and making both the Dean’s List and the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. He has a master’s certificate in Strategic Leadership from Michigan State and graduated magna cum laude from VT with a master’s in Instructional Technologies.

In addition to his work with Hurley Write, MJ worked with the Department of Defense where he served as a Human Resources Specialist; during his tenure there, he also worked as an analyst and trainer.

Jennifer Torkelson

Jennifer Torkelson, PhD

Jennifer Torkelson, PhD is a published writer and writing, language, and literature instructor with 15 years of teaching experience. She earned her PhD in French and Critical Theory from the University of California, Davis. She has taught courses in business writing, technical writing, research manuscript writing, public speaking, and presentation skills to mid-career professionals. An award-winning lecturer, she also has extensive experience teaching critical thinking, argumentation, and ESL.

Christine Wilson

Christine Wilson, MA

Christine Wilson has been a writing instructor for over 10 years. Throughout her educational career she has helped professional, graduate, and undergraduate writers hone their process and leverage pre-existing strengths to accomplish their goals.

Jared Daigle

Jared Daigle, MA

Jared loves writing, teaching, and teaching about writing. This love has given him many different career opportunities, from a High School English teacher to a freelance writer to, now, an instructor with Hurley Write, Inc. He earned both his bachelors in English, Education, and Religious Studies and his master’s in School Counseling from Marquette (Ring Out Ahoya!)

Angie Pennington

Angie Pennington, MA

Angie’s experience as a writing teacher, tutor, researcher, and editor would lead you to believe she’s always felt a closeness to composition—but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Bob Wiltfong

Bob Wiltfong, MA

Bob Wiltfong is the lead instructor for Hurley Write's Presentation Skills curriculum. There's a joke by the comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, that really sums up why we teach what we teach in this field. And the joke is that at a funeral, most people would prefer to be the person in the casket than the one giving the eulogy. It's a funny joke in part, because it's true.

For over 20 years, Bob has worked with business executives around the world helping them perfect their speaking skills and become more comfortable and dynamic speakers. You may recognize Bob from The Daily Show or as the national spokesman for Nationwide Insurance.

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Hurley Write, Inc., a certified women-owned small business (WBENC and WOSB), has been designing and teaching customized onsite, virtual,  and online technical, business, and scientific writing courses for over 30 years. We also develop and teach specialty courses, such as writing proposals, standard operating procedures (SOPs), deviation, and investigation reports, and preparing and giving great presentations.

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