"Writing for Biotech and Pharma Professionals"
Course Description

Professionals in biotech, drug development, and life sciences do important work—and have important results to relay, whether to the FDA, the public, or their colleagues. Their writing needs to reflect their credibility while conveying the results of their research clearly. We’ve been designing and teaching writing workshops for these professionals for over 30 years, including at companies such as Novartis, Pfizer, and Celgene. Contact us for more information regarding biotech and pharma writing workshops.

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants should be able to

  • Analyze their readers
  • Develop an appropriate conclusion
  • Use language effectively
  • Structure sentences and paragraphs effectively
  • Incorporate rhetorical tools to enhance readability
  • Write for a variety of biotech and pharma professionals
  • Develop effective editing and proofreading strategies

The Hurley Write Difference

We customize all of our workshops using your team’s or organization’s writing examples. Our proven process will ensure that your team has the strategies to write effective documents.

Hurley Write ...
  • Instructors are experts—they have extensive backgrounds in professional writing and teaching

  • Uses your team’s documents to meet your specific objectives

  • Provides a team experience to ensure ongoing collaboration and learning

  • Provides ongoing support after the workshop to ensure concepts are applied in meaningful ways

Hurley Write Does NOT ...
  • Use “talking heads” as instructors who lack knowledge about writing

  • Use generic presentations that don’t apply to your key document needs

  • Use a cookie-cutter approach

  • Offer a “one-and-done” workshop with no follow-up

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