Corporate Communications Workshop

Have you ever gotten an email at work and thought, “This writer doesn’t seem very polite”? Perhaps you’ve received a business proposal and it sounded a bit condescending, as if the vendor thinks you don’t really understand your business as well as the vendor does.

When something like this happens, you’re reacting to the style and tone of the message. Effective business writing depends not only on the content of the message, but on the way that message is delivered. When we read, we also “hear” the words as if they are being spoken. That’s why tone is so important in business writing. Tone is a critical element in how you connect with and persuade your reader.

In this course, you will learn to master the skills of creating an effective style and tone for your writing:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Determining the goals of your writing
  • Choosing the tone and style that best fits your audience and goals
  • Mastering a range of business styles, from informal to formal
  • Managing your diction to achieve the desired tone

Developing your writing skills in managing style and tone will improve your ability to connect with your reader, reinforce your business relationships, and enhance your effectiveness in your job.

Your team can take our courses via an instructor-led, customized workshop delivered at your facility or virtually. All of our courses can be combined with our value-adds for a complete learning experience.