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To ensure that what your team learns in one of our onsite workshops sticks, we offer many Retention Strategies. These retention strategies reinforce learnings, give your team additional practice, and enrich the learning experience. Purchase an onsite technical, business, or scientific professional writing class and these retention strategies are offered to you at a special price! Contact us for pricing.

Pre- and Post-Class Assessment: Our pre- and post-assessment measure your team’s writing proficiency, based on clarity, conciseness, and readability, both before and after the class. This assessment helps you decide what topics your team may need to work on and the success of the course.

One-on-One Sessions: Let’s face it: some of your team will need one-on-one coaching after the workshop, and we can provide that. Our helpful one-on-one sessions are carefully tailored to meet the unique needs of your staff and will focus on the needs of that individual.

Group Sessions: If you have several people in your team who need a study group, we can handle that! Our group sessions are designed to reinforce the writing styles your organization requires and involve only staffers from your organization. In these group sessions, writers can discuss anything related to writing in a criticism-free environment.

Editing: Our editing involves more than simply showing writers what they did incorrectly; our suggestions are designed to get them to think more critically about their work and to get to that place where they see, for themselves, how to make their writing clearer and more concise.

Writing Series: We understand that many organizations and businesses know that their team needs to hone their writing skills, but they simply can’t invest in a one-, two-, or three-day workshop. We have the solution! Whether you're interested in a customized course that focuses on business writing , technical writing , writing for engineers , writing proposals , writing standard operating procedures , or another type of writing training, our solutions ensure long-term results! We’re now offering additional shorter, more targeted corporate writing training workshops as a series. The writing series is typically offered in half-day sessions over time, much like the university model, or can be offered in two- to three-hour sessions.

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