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If your organization is like most, the review process is broken. Your documents go through lots of iterations with no real improvement. There are too many reviewers, often contradictory and useless statements. We've seen it. And we've created a workshop that has helped hundreds of organizations create a more effective and efficient review process. Our workshop will help your team establish a solid review process, establish guidelines that are easy to incorporate and help them understand how to provide useful, usable feedback.

My name is Pam Hurley and I'm the owner and founder of Hurley Write Incorporated, a certified women owned small business. If you'd like more information, give us a call. (877) 249-7483. Or email me directly [email protected] I look forward to chatting with you.

Streamline Your Business Editing and Proofreading

How much time and energy does your team devote to reviewing, proofreading, and editing? And how much of that time and energy is rewarded with improved documents? Too often, the review process isn’t standardized, which results in lots of wasted time, comments that aren’t useful, and no real improvement in documents. Our customized corporate writing workshop, “Better Editing and Reviewing,” teaches your team how to edit documents in less time and provide more useful comments that your writers can use. In addition, we can help your team develop a process, including templates and tools, that will streamline the review process and result in better business writing.