"Useful Business Idioms to Master and Buzzwords to Avoid"

Professionals in every field and work setting share jargon, a common set of vocabulary that allows them to exchange information efficiently. Using jargon is acceptable if shared by members of a workplace, has a precise meaning, and allows a “shortcut” to lengthy explanations of concepts and terms. Overuse of buzzwords, however, is a no-no. Buzzwords tend to overgeneralize, obscure meaning, and set the wrong tone, suggesting that the user knows more or has privileged information not shared by the reader/listener. This course presents a range of useful jargon for navigating the corporate world and identifying buzzwords and phrases to avoid.

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Understand and incorporate a set of business-related and field-specific jargon for use in business writing
  • Compile a set of buzzwords and phrases to avoid using
  • Appreciate differences in tone and formality between jargon and buzzwords