"Enhancing the Readability of Professional Documents"

What makes a business document in English more or less “readable”? Readability, or ease of comprehension, is affected by a number of factors including the ordering of information in sentences, sentence structures, and logical connectors that highlight the relationship among ideas across sentences. In many respects, these factors are language-specific. For example, basic word order in English follows a subject-verb-object pattern that is less flexible than in many other world languages. Readers are attuned to this ordering of grammatical elements and violations of this norm can disrupt comprehension. In this course, your team will learn strategies to enhance the readability of work-related documents in English, which will in turn increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your team’s workplace communication.

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the basic subject-verb-object order of sentence constituents in English and its importance in conveying meaning
  • Understand the concepts cohesion and coherence in relation to written communication
  • Use techniques of reference (word repetition, synonyms, and pronouns) accurately to enhance cohesion and coherence
  • Use logical connectors to reinforce the relationship of ideas across sentences
  • Recognize and know how to use the given-new pattern of ordering information in sentences
  • Learn to balance sentence structure patterns and length to maximize readability and style of business and technical writing