"Grammar 101" Course Description

Grammar certainly isn’t the most important element of a document, but poor grammar can derail the content and lead readers to an incorrect conclusion. Whether your team needs a quick grammar refresher (do their subjects and verbs disagree or do they not use commas and other forms of punctuation correctly?) or a full-blown grammar fix, our customized onsite corporate grammar training workshop provides tips and tricks, best practices, and a litany of “how-to” to help your team spot and correct even the ugliest of grammar issues.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes
At the conclusion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Pinpoint and correct common grammar issues
  • Use articles correctly
  • Ensure correct subject/verb agreement
  • Distinguish among the various types of punctuation
  • Know when to use the various types of punctuation
Department of the Army
ConAgra Foods