Succinct Scientific Writing

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Whether your team writes for the FDA, colleagues, the public, or a client, we’ll teach them how to convey—effectively and with confidence—the essence and nuances of your work. Writing scientific reports, lab reports, journal articles, deviation reports, SOPs; you name it, we’ll teach your team strategies to make their scientific documents shine.

Our convenient, interactive six-module online scientific writing course relies on critical thinking, as well as practical strategies, to help your team plan, write, and revise any scientific document.

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  • Access to downloadable supplements, writing aids, and writing options
  • Professional editor and personalized, substantive feedback on writing submissions
  • One video-chat session with your editor per-module
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All of our online courses are SCORM 1.2-, SCORM 2004-, and AICC-compliant and each module takes roughly 30 to 45 minutes to complete.


  • Voiced lectures
  • A copy of the Hurley Write eBook, Writing Strategies For Corporate America (Option 3)
  • A professional editor (feedback options)
  • Multimedia window
  • The Hurley Write Cheat Sheet
  • Writing options
  • Certificate of completion
  • One online video-chat session with your editor, per-module (Option 3)

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Module 1: Developing a Rhetorical Strategy
  • The importance of audience and purpose analysis
  • How scientific writing is persuasive
  • Understanding the necessity of persuasion
  • Presenting a positive image through writing
  • Ensuring readability
Module 2: Organizational Strategies
  • Understanding the importance of good organization
  • Creating outlines and more
  • Exploring the vast universe of organization; or organizing sentences, paragraphs, and documents
  • Summarizing
Module 3: Using Language Effectively
  • Being precise and concise
  • Using appropriate emphasis
  • Avoiding wordiness
  • Avoiding language "traps"
  • Making your writing more emphatic and readable
Module 4: Meeting Reader Needs/Writing Supplemental Components
  • Emphasizing appropriately
  • Understanding how scientific readers read
  • Writing the abstract and summary
Module 5: Writing the Scientific Report
  • Writing the body of the scientific paper
  • Getting the point across
  • Creating the appropriate argument
  • Ensuring that the report is readable and usable
Module 6: Editing and Proofreading Strategies
  • When to edit and when to proofread
  • Becoming your own best editor
  • What to look for in editing
  • Developing practical editing and proofreading techniques

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Online Module FAQs (PDF)