Deliver an Impactful Experience With Virtual Meeting Tools

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Are you one of these people that thinks onsite training is the best and only way to train? And if you do, that's fine. I'm not here to persuade you or to ever sell you but now with the, really explosion of technology, there's a lot of really good ways to virtually train. And in some ways virtual training is actually better than the onsite. It's also cheaper in lots of cases, especially with us and you don't have to pay for instructor travel.

Our virtual class is just like our onsite class. They're both customized and instructor led. So two things to start thinking about with a virtual class. One, the convenience of it. Your team is able to learn on their own time at their own pace. They can use different devices to digest the material. And the other thing to consider here, is retention. You're getting it in bite sized pieces over time versus sitting in a room for a day or two and learning that way. So if you think that your team's learning style would be more conducive to a virtual platform, give us a call. We're happy to set up a quick two or three minute demo for you and show you how great our virtual platform is and see if we can put together some information for you.

The world is changing, as is how your team engages with their audience. The issue is that the strategies your team uses to interact with clients, customers, and team members in face-to-face meetings may not translate to a virtual environment. In today’s ever-changing environment, your team must know how to lead engaging virtual meetings.

In this fun, interactive workshop, your team will learn strategies related to digital etiquette and how to run effective, engaging online meetings, regardless of the platform.


In this virtual or onsite workshop, your team will learn about

  • Digital etiquette
  • How to increase engagement in a digital environment
  • Using “digital body language” effectively
  • Evoking emotion
  • Demonstrating authenticity
  • Using visuals and other tools effectively