Professional Marketing Writing Course
Course Description

Writing is an essential skill for today’s marketing professionals. From annual brand plans to strategic briefs to updates for senior management, marketers must deliver their Points of View in concise, compelling language. We understand not only how marketers speak, but how they can effectively address their diverse audiences – senior management, sales, advertising agencies, legal, and product supply. Our customized onsite marketing business writing training courses will teach them how to efficiently plan, write, and revise their documents into a language that their readers can understand.

At the conclusion of the writing training for marketers workshop, participants should be able to

  • Define their various audiences and the specific needs of each audience, including internal stakeholders, market research vendors, and external agencies
  • Identify the intended outcome of each document they create
  • Create writing strategies that suit their audience and intended outcome
  • Understand how to represent the voice-of-the-customer (VOC) effectively in influencing business decisions
  • Evaluate and choose language to improve their writing effectiveness, while reinforcing an objective, unbiased tone
  • Demonstrate various editing and proofreading techniques