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Empowering professionals to write clearer documents in less time

Whether you’re interested in an instructor-led onsite or virtual workshop or an online course for your team, our courses fit the bill.

For over 30 years, we’ve helped over 50,000 professionals develop strategies so that they can write and review documents in less time. Thousands of professionals can’t be wrong.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Previous Clients
Pfizer, Genentech, Biogen, Novartis, AstraZeneca.

Key Objectives Achieved
Solved issues with their technical reports, SOPs, and scientific writing–fixed the lack of clarity, wordiness, issues with approval.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Previous Clients
Holmes Western, Shell Polymers, Shell Oil

Key Objectives Achieved
Improved SOPs, work instructions, and increased compliance. Achieved by teaching participants strategies based on readability.

Finance & Accounting

Previous Clients

Key Objectives Achieved
Increased compliance and fewer questions from non-technical readers about complex ideas.


Previous Clients
Raytheon, Dow Chemical, DuPont

Key Objectives Achieved
Less wordy, more focused documents, which resulted in fewer iterations and a shorter review process.


Previous Clients
Stryker, Calumet Refining, Cambrex Pharmaceuticals

Key Objectives Achieved
Technical reports that were focused on key objectives, which resulted in fewer questions and a higher compliance rate.


Previous Clients
Intel, DNV GL Energy USA, RJRT

Key Objectives Achieved
SOPs, presentations, and reports that met readers’ needs and ensured writers met their objectives.

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Why Choose Hurley Write

We’ve trained thousands of professionals over the 30 years we’ve been in business. Engineers at Stryker Orthopaedics, NAVAIR, and Meta; IT professionals at HUD, Intel, and Dillard’s; biotech professionals, researchers, and scientists at Genentech, GSK, and Bayer; financial professionals at PCAOB, Discover Financial, and UPS Capital; and a multitude of others in organizations large and small.

Customized Solutions

Our writing and review workshops are customized to ensure they meet your team’s unique needs. We customize by carefully analyzing your team’s documents, writing and review tools, and processes.

Quality Assurance

Our team of experts and analysts work closely to ensure that every workshop we create is designed to meet your team’s specific challenges.

Industry Recognition

We’ve worked with, and continue to work with, some of the largest organizations in the world, including Raytheon, Stryker Orthopaedics, Genentech, the IRS, and Travelers Insurance, to name just a few.

Expertise & Experience

Our team of executive consultants are experienced and award-winning writers, coaches, and instructors. They bring a wealth of knowledge to professionals and help professionals who struggle with writing to develop practical, usable strategies.

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Frequently asked questions

01. How long do the courses last?
The onsite workshops run from two to five days, depending on the level of complexity of the documents your team writes and how much practice they need. The virtual sessions are typically 10 hours offered in two-hour segments; however, that can vary, depending on team size, team writing skill, and type of workshop.
You can choose from a variety of modalities including onsite, online, and virtual. We also offer coaching and other retention services. Schedule a call with one of our consultants and we’ll help you choose the best format for your team.
We customize the course to focus on the types of documents your team writes and the skills they need to improve. Since all of our courses are based on readability studies, we provide your team with the latest tools and techniques to help them plan, write, and revise more effectively and efficiently.
The workshop provides multiple opportunities for participants to apply the concepts to their own writing. Practice sessions range from two to five per day in an onsite workshop and one per two-hour virtual session, depending on the workshop chosen and type of documents discussed.
We offer various training boosters that will keep your team focused on the concepts taught in the workshop. These boosters are designed to inform, engage, and ensure that your team can continue to apply the concepts in a meaningful way. These training boosters include access to our online course, coaching, editing, and access to our digital library.
We provide coaching services; we also help clients develop templates, style guides, and other types of reference documents. And we offer a communication audit, which can help you pinpoint your team’s real writing and review issues.

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Prefer to chat? Call us at 877-249-7483

(172 Reviews)