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White Papers

If time is money, when it comes to business, wasted words are wasted dollars. When your team’s writing is long-winded, roundabout, heavy with jargon, and full of fat, useless phrases, they’re eating into someone’s profit—probably that of your business.
An American businessperson sends a letter to his Chinese supplier complaining that the supplier has “moved the goalposts” with his new pricing structure. The supplier reads the letter, shakes his head, and throws the letter away: He has no idea what “moved the goalposts” means.
Everything you write in the world of business is designed to persuade someone to do something or to respond in some particular way. A proposal, for example...
This white paper discusses the need for writing training in organizations, what managers can do to correct employee writing, and what to consider when outsourcing such training.
Critical thinking about a writing project is essential to a good end-product.  As we've written before, critical thinking transforms information into ideas and solutions. But to be successful in that endeavor...
Are there specific grammatical errors that plague writers more often than others? That’s a question a pair of researchers wanted to answer, so they evaluated the writing in over...
When writers fail to think critically about their writing projects, documents can easily fall flat as tepid and unpersuasive, generating little to no impact on the reader.  Worse, ineffective writing might leave readers thinking that writers don't know what they’re talking about...
Many writers don’t take much time to plan; in fact, many simply begin writing, believing that their first draft will become their final draft with just a little “cleaning up” and reorganization.
Communication skills are vital to effective company branding. We discussed this idea in our white paper, "Beef up your communication skills to strengthen your business brand." By cultivating a specific impression...

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