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In-depth Analysis Of your Team's Communication

Most organizations assume that writing issues are 100% the fault of their writers, which isn’t always the case. 

To make matters worse, organizations assume that a writing course will solve the problem when that may or may not be true. 

To figure out how to solve the communication problem, you have to know what’s causing it.

And that’s where our PROS™ Communication Audit comes in.

In this customized audit, we take a deep dive into what’s really going on: we analyze the tools you have in place (templates, style guides), the documents your team writes, and your reviewing process, among other things.  

The goal? Uncover what’s really driving poor document quality while providing recommendations to fix them.

What we find in our Communication Audits

Lack of writing & review standards

Many organizations suffer from a lack of clear writing and review standards. Without established standards, businesses struggle to produce professional documents.

Teams aren't aligned about expectations

When teams don’t agree about what’s expected, deadlines are missed, documents are subpar, and communication workflows are inefficient. 

Unclear approach to writing tasks

When writers aren’t clear about project guidelines, inconsistently use tools and resources, or there’s a lack of coherent project management practices, poor document quality results.

A misunderstanding of skills gaps

Assumptions about skills gaps (instead of finding out what the real issues are), result in ineffective solutions and no long-term improvement. 

If this sounds like your organization, consider our PROS Communication Audit.

What you can expect from our PROS Communication Audit

Would you let a doctor operate on your ailing elbow without first doing an x-ray? 

Of course not! Think of our Communication Audit as that x-ray that will help ensure you’re spending resources solving the right problem.

This is where our PROS™ Communication Audit comes in.

You'll receive

Our process for PROS™ Communication Audit

We begin with a questionnaire that asks stakeholders to identify the issues they see with reviewing and writing in their teams, including how much time reviewers spend reviewing.

We evaluate your team’s documents and any tools your organization has in place (style guides, templates, etc.) for writers and reviewers.

We prepare our PROS™ Roadmap, a report that includes our findings and recommendations.

We review the PROS™ Roadmap with interested parties and discuss the best path forward.

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Frequently asked questions

01. What is a communication audit?
You’re probably familiar with audits generally and what they’re designed to do and a communication audit is the same thing—it’s designed to help you pinpoint writing and review issues so that you can fix them.
The audit process starts with a detailed questionnaire to gather insights from stakeholders about perceived writing and reviewing challenges. The audit team then reviews your organization’s documents, the tools available to writers and reviewers (such as style guides and templates), and the overall processes in place. This thorough evaluation helps pinpoint specific areas contributing to ineffective communication.
Organizations can expect to receive a PROS™ Roadmap report detailing the audit findings, actionable steps, and tailored recommendations. This roadmap provides a clear path forward to address identified issues and enhance both writing and reviewing skills within the team. Ultimately, the audit aims to refine communication processes, saving time and money while improving overall document quality.
There are no specific prerequisites for undergoing a communication audit. However, it is ideal for organizations that recognize potential inefficiencies or issues in their communication processes and are committed to improving these areas. A willingness to engage in the audit process and implement recommended changes is crucial for achieving meaningful results.

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