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Energy, Oil & Gas

Energy, Oil & Gas

Our customized SOP & technical document workshops have enhanced safety among team members.

Well-written SOPs and technical documents need to be airtight and concise. Train your team to meet regulatory standards without being wordy.

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How our workshops have benefited our energy clients

Reduce Rewrites By 30%

Deliver high-quality documents quicker by giving your team a logical structure to follow. Streamline your writing and review process with fewer iterations. Supercharge your team to deliver high-quality regulatory documents sooner.

decreased reviewing time by 25%

Get to the point clearer and faster. Make your SOPs and technical documents easy for all stakeholders to read and use. Hurley Write workshops improve the conciseness and clarity of writing, making it easier for both internal and external readers to understand and review.

Trained 1000s Of Professionals

Hurley Write has been working with financial professionals for over 30 years. Our team is uniquely qualified to solve communication issues within the financial industry, having worked with companies such as Wellesley & Co, UPS Capital, and PCAOB.

Workshops for Energy, Oil & Gas Teams

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Over the past 30 years, we’ve taught over 50,000 professionals strategies to write better documents in less time. Thousands of professionals can’t be wrong.

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Frequently asked questions

01. What tools do you use to ensure a good learning experience?

Our philosophy is that learning should be fun and engaging; to that end, our workshops are highly interactive and taught by professionals who “know their stuff.”

We are also acutely aware that most professionals, when they hear, “we’re having a writing course,” think “Wow! Can’t wait!”

To counter any negative preconceptions, we use

  • Socratic discussion to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard
  • Exercises, examples, and breakouts that focus on the application of concepts
  • Generic examples to give your team opportunities to apply the concepts in a non-threatening way
  • Micro-learning followed by application
Our courses are completely customized to ensure a deep learning experience. In addition, we don’t teach grammar, as research shows that teaching grammar doesn’t result in better-written documents. Instead, we focus on readability studies; that is, what research and science tell us about how readers read.

We customize the course by analyzing your team’s writing samples to look for common issues. Then, along with your organization’s stakeholders, we design the course based on these issues. The exercises, breakouts, and examples are designed to ensure that your team can apply concepts to documents with which they’re familiar.


Both generic and company-related examples are used to give participants ample opportunities to apply concepts.


The breakouts use one or two samples from the documents we’ve received from your company. In groups of three, participants apply the concepts to one sample. Then, they share what they’ve done with the entire group. The idea behind the breakouts is so that participants can explain the reasoning behind the choices they make; when writers understand the “why” they’re better equipped to continue to apply the concepts.

During the breakout, the instructor is actively visiting each breakout group and providing feedback and asking questions.

Absolutely! Our instructors are teaching and writing experts and all have at least a master’s degree. The beauty of our instructors is that, no matter who you choose, your team will have a worthwhile, fun experience.

Writing well requires practice, practice, practice and time, which is why we recommend coaching or one of our other long-term solutions to ensure the training sticks.

However, you can certainly handle this in-house by giving participants regular writing assignments on which they’re provided feedback that reinforces the concepts they learned in the class, providing a writing mentor/coach within the organization, or by ensuring that they write regularly, even if the writing isn’t work-related. Regular immersion into writing and useful feedback are key in helping ensure that participants can continue to apply the concepts after they complete the workshop.

We certainly do! Our Communication Audit is one way that we can help you with retention, because the audit helps us identify what your team would benefit from the most in terms of helping them continue to improve. If you decide not to have the communication audit, we offer coaching, refresher webinars, and other proven strategies.

Your team can expect to complete a Hurley Write workshop armed with a toolbox of practical tools they can begin to use immediately. We also offer support long after the workshop has ended.

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(172 Reviews)