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Better Business Writing

Sharpen the skills of your team with this exceptional business writing workshop.

Workshop Details

Workshop Description

A business document is many things. A first impression, a proposal, a story, a demonstration, a promise. But none of that matters if your clients don’t understand the document. 

Our customized workshop, “Better Business Writing,” gives your team the tools they need to  develop strategies to write accessible business documents efficiently and in less time. 

The result: a team with better business writing skills who will showcase your organization’s professionalism and talent and ensure that your clients and prospects are interested and engaged.

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Workshop Aims

In this instructor-led workshop, your team will learn

  • Strategies to define their targeted readers
  • Techniques to create flow and logic
  • Methodologies to write effective emails and concise, precise business documents
  • How to write for today’s readers

Planning & Audience Analysis for Effective Planning

Your team will learn methods to identify and meet readers’ needs, expectations, and preferences to ensure the communication is relevant, engaging, and persuasive. 


Logic and Organization Strategies

Your team will learn how to use logic and organizational to guide readers toward the desired conclusion.  

Write Clear & Effective Business Documents

Participants will learn techniques to grab readers’ attention and encourage action and how to craft effective emails and other business documents. 

Module - 01

The Building Blocks of Business Writing

Module - 02

Making Your Writing Easy to Read

Module - 03

Writing Concise, Precise Emails

Module - 04

Writing Effective Business Letters

Module - 05

Writing Business Reports

Module - 06

Writing Proposals

Module - 07

Constructing Useful Editing and Proofreading Strategies

Method of Instruction

Better Business Writing

What type of training are you interested in?

Your Workshop, Your Choice

Large teams typically choose to have the workshop delivered onsite or virtually.


One of our coaches will deliver our course at your facility.


Our courses are delivered via a virtual platform such as Zoom or Teams.

No matter what you choose, every workshop includes:

Completely Customized, White Glove Experience

Group Breakout Sessions Where Participants Practice And Apply Concepts

Customized Instructor Feedback And Solutions

Team Writing Exercises

And more! Hurley Write also offers self-paced online courses that are pre-recorded. These are great for individual team members. The self-paced course includes feedback on writing and, depending on your chosen package, personal coaching from one of our experts.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the format of the onsite and virtual workshops?
Our workshops are engaging, highly interactive, and completely customized! We use micro-learning techniques, in-class exercises, and collaborative breakout sessions to ensure a robust learning experience.
The onsite workshops run from two to five days, depending on the level of complexity of the documents your team writes and how much practice they need. The virtual sessions are typically 10 hours offered in two-hour segments; however, that can vary, depending on team size, team writing skill, and type of workshop.
We customize the course to focus on the types of documents your team writes and the skills they need to improve. Since all of our courses are based on readability studies, we provide your team with the latest tools and techniques to help them plan, write, and revise more effectively and efficiently.
The workshop provides multiple opportunities for participants to apply the concepts to their own writing. Practice sessions range from two to five per day in an onsite workshop and one per two-hour virtual session, depending on the workshop chosen and type of documents discussed.
We provide coaching services; we also help clients develop templates, style guides, and other types of reference documents. And we offer a communication audit, which can help you pinpoint your team’s real writing and review issues.

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