Professional Writing Courses

Our Philosophy Our Philosophy

Hurley Write, Inc. was built on a simple principle: that all professionals need to know how to write—and that they can learn. 

We understand that your team is smart; if they weren’t, you wouldn’t have hired them. We also understand that they’re great problem-solvers and that many of them dislike writing, so they put it off. Their dislike of writing and procrastination compound the writing problem if they also lack the tools and strategies they need to write effectively and efficiently. 

Our solution: Teach easy-to-apply, logical strategies based on readability studies. When writers understand how readers read, they'll spend less time writing but write more targeted, reader-friendly documents (resulting in saved time and money!).  We've been teaching these corporate writing training strategies in our professional writing classes for over 25 years and they work! Just ask our clients!

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Wgat makes our courses unique What Makes our Courses Unique

If you invest in professional writing training, you don't want to waste your money and with our corporate writing courses, you won't. In fact, what we teach in our professional writing classes will result in long-term positive changes in staff writing (we have the performance to prove it!). We accomplish this by
  1. Teaching professionals how to apply their problem-solving skills to the writing process. 
  2. Designing professional writing workshops and courses based on the most up-to-date research about writing in your industry.
  3. Customizing courses to ensure relevant content. 
  4. Using a workshop-style approach to give participants ample time to apply concepts and get feedback on their writing. 
  5. Using Socratic discussion to encourage critical thinking.
  6. Ensuring interactivity.