Get a Clear View of the ROI for Business Writing Training


When it comes to a cost breakdown for your business, employee work-hours are probably one of your major expenditures. But how closely do you examine those costs? While it may seem clear that more efficient employees will result in higher overall productivity, do you know which tasks could be improved in terms of efficiency and which improvements would provide the biggest return on investment? If you dig into your employee hours, you might find that the ROI of business writing training is surprisingly large.

The average employee spends 40 percent of their time on writing-related tasks, whether that's coordinating with coworkers over email or preparing reports or documentation . Let's assume, for ease of math, that a company has 100 employees, with an average annual salary of $50k. That company would be spending $2 million dollars annually paying for employees to write.

Now let's consider that a company-wide writing methodology, style guides, and employee training can cut the average time spent on writing tasks 30 percent, which means that instead of 40 percent of an employee's time being spent communicating at the keyboard, it would be a much more streamlined 28 percent.

For our hypothetical 100-employee company, that's a savings of $600,000 annually on writing-related time costs – employee hours that can be dedicated to other tasks.

And writing well has plenty fringe benefits, too:  fewer miscommunications , which require time and effort to correct and which result in higher employee morale due to increased confidence in their ability to write. But even in a purely cost-base analysis, improving employee writing skills can offer a big ROI.

To learn more about the ROI of business writing training, contact Hurley Write, Inc. We work with companies of all sizes to improve workplace communication and employee writing skills.

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