What’s the One Trait That Can Determine Whether a Project Succeeds or Fails? Communication!


Anyone who's ever had to do a group project can tell you that if things aren't managed well, working with many people can create opportunities for human error. But a successfully managed project can be awe-inspiring and showcase the combined potential of a group. So how does a group reach that potential? A key factor is successful communication.

Communication in Successful Projects

Projects can be large, lumbering beasts, and keeping all the moving parts progressing in the same direction takes good management. While keeping everyone on the same page is an important part of workplace communication, it's important to remember that communication is a two-way street.

Take the conclusions from a recent study on the ROI of effective communication by consulting firm Towers Watson. Companies are generally twice as effective at helping employees understand the business as they are at soliciting feedback from employees about the company itself. 

What does this indicate? Without an inclusive back-and-forth dialogue, half the conversation is missing. Dialogue doesn't just serve as a check-in to ensure employees understand; it also fosters employee engagement with the project and ensures that potential issues are dealt with sooner rather than later.

Effective communication in successful projects means a web of employees exchanging ideas and understanding, not a series of decrees from on high.

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