Communications Boot Camp:
"Speak It, Write It, Live It."

Today’s hyper-competitive marketplace and social media-connected world is placing a higher premium on professionals standing out from the masses to drive business. However, this is often left up to the individual and a common refrain is, “I know I need to do this, but how do I start?”

Our customized communications boot camp teaches your team research-based, relevant strategies that will give them a ready-to-use roadmap to improve their written and verbal communication skills and increase their confidence, image, and ability to persuade others. The result is long-term, positive changes in how your team communicates, both on paper and in person, and in how they represent themselves and your company, both internally and externally.

This writing boot camp workshop uses three powerful trainers who will teach your team how to develop and strengthen their brand to drive your business and their careers to new heights and communicate more effectively on paper and orally. Your team will be given real-time feedback during the workshop, as they apply strategies to real-world problems. They’ll complete the workshop as more powerful and efficient communicators.

How It's Offered

This customized course is offered onsite at your facility for up to 15 people in two-, three-, and four-day sessions.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

At the end of this communications and writing boot camp, participants will be able to:

  • Apply research-based strategies to write clear and powerful documents
  • Apply science-based techniques to make their in-person presentations more impactful
  • Persuade more effectively, both in writing and in speech
  • Choose the appropriate communication tools to make written and oral content more effective
  • Create documents and presentations that are easy to understand
  • Apply proactive strategies to build, manage, and strengthen their personal and corporate reputations
  • Embrace how their actions and words impact the reputation of their team and company
  • Create and manage a personal/professional brand that is distinctive and compelling

Meet the Instructors!

Personal Branding
Mike Mooney Mike Mooney has built a reputation for distinguishing brands, athletes, and sports properties by launching and leading award-winning marketing and communications campaigns. He is also recognized for his work in crisis and reputation management, having led dozens of crisis recovery efforts over his career.

Mike now uses his extensive public relations, reputation management, and leadership experiences as a speaker to educate, train, and coach leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Mike is also the author of Reputation Shift – 5 High Performance Truths for Success, a resource for leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals to proactively build and strengthen one of their greatest assets – their reputations.

Mike has represented many highly regarded brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, Tylenol, Walmart, and Eli Lilly.

Giving Great Presentations
Bob Wiltfong Bob Wiltfong knows how to give a speech. After all, he’s had to give them every time he’s won an Emmy or other award! Bob’s worked as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where he and his crew won a Peabody Award, and as “The World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World” for Nationwide Insurance in TV commercials.

In addition, he won several Emmys and the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for a decade of work in local TV news as a reporter/anchor. Since the 1990s, Bob has used this experience to travel the globe teaching presentation skills to business leaders. His teaching focuses on story telling–especially with dry material–and how to “own a room” when presenting.

Bob’s clients include General Electric, Charles Schwab, and T-Mobile.

Writing Effectively
MJ Hurley MJ Hurley has worked extensively with a wide variety of professionals, including engineers, financial professionals, administrative teams, customer service reps, and project managers, teaching them research-based strategies to write better documents. He teaches workshop and webinars on writing better technical and business documents, writing and designing user-friendly SOPs, and writing succinct emails and other business documents.

MJ graduated magna cum laude from Virginia Tech where he earned his master’s in Instructional Technologies. He also earned a certificate in Strategic Leadership from Michigan State University and a BA in Professional Writing from Virginia Tech. While an undergraduate, he was scholarship athlete, making both the Dean’s List and the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll, while pitching for the Hokies’ baseball team.

In the time that MJ has been with Hurley Write, he has developed a loyal client base and is one of our most requested trainers.

MJ’s clients include Discover Financial, the US Army, John Deere, and UPS.

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