Communications Boot Camp: Help your Team become Better Writers and Speakers
Course Description

We hear these complaints often: “My team can’t write” or “My team has difficulty articulating their ideas, whether to large groups or to the boardroom.” Sound familiar?

Here’s the real issue: it’s not that they can’t or that they lack the skills, it’s that they have no strategy. For many professionals, writing and speaking just aren’t at the top of their list of “fun” things to do. So, they do what most of us do when tasked with doing something we don’t like: do what they've always done, without analyzing whether it worked last time or will work this time, or take shortcuts. It’s human nature. The outcome is that nothing changes.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your team is smart, they’re articulate, and they have great problem-solving skills. And we can show them how to use those attributes to become more effective communicators with our communications boot camp.

In this three-day customized workshop, we teach your team how to identify and use their problem-solving skills to develop strategies to communicate more effectively, both in writing and verbally. We give them the tools to plan and write better documents in less time and the tools to present information orally, whether to the boardroom or to a large group.

They’ll complete the writing and communications boot camp as more powerful and effective communicators.

In this engaging workshop, your team will learn how to

  • Evaluate their writing and speaking skills
  • Apply problem-solving strategies to streamline the writing process
  • Apply critical thinking to the writing process to avoid “over-writing”
  • Write targeted documents
  • Review and revise more effectively
  • Plan and prepare engaging presentations
  • Use visuals effectively in presentations
  • Use body language, voice, and word choice effectively in presentations
  • Tell stories that will engage listeners
  • Create a personal action plan for better writing and more effective presentations