"Better Business Writing" Onsite Course

A business document is many things. A first impression, a proposal, a story, a demonstration, a promise. For some businesses, the document is the deliverable, the reason they do what they do.

But none of that matters if your clients don’t understand the document.

Our onsite business writing course gives participants the tools and unique strategies they need to write accessibly, efficiently, and with confidence.

The result: a staff who can showcase your organization’s professionalism and talent, and a clientele who’ll stay interested and engaged.

The customized version of this course includes skill assessment and a follow-up webinar; the course is also provided as an on-the-shelf offering.

Participants will learn

  • Prewriting strategies that help them write stronger, clearer, more effective business documents
  • How to write business documents that get the point across quickly
  • Proven techniques to identify and appeal to reader(s)
  • Methods to ensure that the writing presents the best “face” of the organization
  • Strategies to avoid business clichés, business jargon, and wordiness
  • How to write good news and bad news documents
  • Practical techniques to write emails, business letters, and other business documents with greater efficiency and ease

Our highly interactive customized solution includes

  • Real-world examples
  • Breakout sessions
  • Hands-on, individualized feedback on writing
  • Skills assessment
  • Targeted lectures
  • Socratic discussion to fully engage participants
  • Follow-up webinar

  • It was great to see my own writing and other people's writing used.
    Legal Services Corporation Better Business Writing +View More
  • Even improvising to adapt to questions, the course continued to flow.
    Discover Financial Services Better Business Writing +View More
  • Pam really made me rethink some of the emails I have sent in the past.
    Allergan Better Business Writing +View More
  • Very knowledgeable, fun, and energetic instructor! Thank you!
    Duty First Consulting Better Business Writing +View More
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