Episode 1: Improve Your Team's Communication Skills

Tune in as MJ Hurley shares the #1 thing you can do to make your writing more effective and efficient for both you AND your reader.

Michael Hoagland, Strategic Global Business Leader, provides his insights into emotional intelligence and how it affects the success of your message.

This, and more, on the pilot episode of Hurley Write TV.

Episode 2: Editing Tips and Tricks from Three Writing Pros

Three of Hurley Write's trainers and all-around writing pros discuss on how you can be a better editor, for your own writing and your team's.

Don't miss your chance to listen in as MJ Hurley, MA, Jennifer Torkleson, PhD, and Jared Daigle, MA, share insider secrets that will improve your team's writing today.

Episode 3: How to Write a Winning Proposal

Sit down with Ken Isakson, Hydrologist and Grant Reviewer, to get his take on what reviewers look for in proposals and how what he learned in a Hurley Write course helped him become a more effective reviewer.

Jennifer Torkleson, PhD, joins the conversation to share 5 key characteristics of winning proposals.

And Pam Hurley, PhD, discuss a manatee-sized Word Fail and the major lesson that will help you avoid a PR tsunami.

Episode 4: Understanding Your Audience

This episode of Hurley Write TV focuses on audience analysis, which produces messages that work.

Sam Alexander, Software Engineer and Technical Senior Product Manager, joins us to share his secret to business success: tailoring each message to the different types of professionals.

Also on this episode, MJ Hurley and Jared Daigle improvise how they would present complicated scenarios to difficult audiences. Tune in to play along and assess your audience analysis skills!

Episode 5: Communicating the Right Tone in the Electronic Age

The words you choose are especially important when writing, because the reader can't hear your tone or see your facial expressions to decipher your intended meaning.

In this episode of Hurley Write TV, our writing instructors MJ Hurley and Jennifer Torkelson discuss an actual email sent by a company after their servers went down. This example shows what language works, and what doesn't.

Also joining the conversation is special guest and long-time Hurley Write client Tamara Brooks-Barnes, Pharmaceutical Clinical Researcher. It's an episode youu won't want to miss.

Episode 6: Tips to Make Writing Easier for Literally Everyone (Yes, That Means You!)

Whether writing is your full-time job or a function of your position, writing easy-to-read, engaging documents is hard work.

On this episode of Hurley Write TV, we’re joined by Richard Gould, Professional Writer. He shares tips and tricks that he’s used to improve his writing process. A better writing process leads to faster writing that meets objectives.

Hurley Write executive trainers MJ Hurley and Jared Daigle also join the conversation to share some of the strategies taught in our Master Classes that help professionals create their best writing process.

Daunted by a blank page? Tune into this episode of Hurley Write TV and get inspired!

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