Top Benefits of Enrolling Your Team in an Online Writing Course


Posted Oct. 19, 2021

Great writing goes beyond grammar and does wonders for your business’ bottom line. Here’s why enrolling your team in an online writing course will go a long way toward turning them into effective writers.
Key takeaways:
  • Your team needs strong writing skills to communicate both inside and outside your organization.
  • Effective communication requires well-chosen words and a well-organized structure.
  • Standardized processes keep your team cohesive and improve internal communication.
  • An online writing course turns your team into better communicators, helping your entire organization.
Strong communication is critical for helping customers, promoting products, and creating meaningful conversations about industry topics and trends – and your organization suffers if your team can’t write clearly. Clear, persuasive copy improves communication and helps your company meet its objectives.
Our online writing courses will teach your team the strategies they need to have professional, results-oriented written interactions with co-workers, customers, and sales prospects. This blog covers the value of these courses, including what your team can learn and how these courses can help your organization.
Writing is more than grammar
Effective writing goes far beyond following grammar rules. After all, someone with impeccable grammar can produce documents that are disorganized, unclear, and ineffective.
Our online writing courses go beyond grammar to help your team learn strategies to entice readers and keep them on the page. These courses dig into helping your team learn how to best organize their writing to highlight the main message and artfully draw the reader through the text. They also help your team identify how to make stronger choices throughout the process, from selecting individual words to formatting and structure.
Well-chosen words enhance messaging
A lot of writing gets bogged down with long words and unnecessary jargon. A “big word” can be the most accurate choice, but short, simple options are generally more effective at conveying the message. Effective writing showcases the writer’s talents or intelligence, which makes readers want to engage. This concept may sound simple, but writers can often overlook its importance. 
Our online writing courses show writers how to analyze their choices to use the most accurate, descriptive word rather than one that simply makes them feel smart.
Most readers skim
To get the message across, writers must understand how readers approach content. The truth is that people are busy, and there is more content out there than readers know what to do with – so most people skim; that is, they read the first and last sentences of every paragraph rather than read every word.
Our online courses teach writers how to use rhetorical tools such as headers, subheaders, and appropriate sentence and paragraph length to engage readers, especially those all-important skimmers.
Brevity can be achieved through more than just short sentences
Many writers believe that short sentences equate to brevity and quality, which isn’t always the case. If fact, shorter sentences can be more difficult to read for two reasons: the writer is forced to constantly start and stop and the writer must continually repeat information needlessly.
In our online writing courses, your team will learn how to create sentences that just the right length for their readers and the type of document. help your team learn how to write messages that are clear, that focus on reader needs, and that are written for the all-important skimmer.
Quality cues keep readers on the page
Titles, headers, email subject lines, or other short snippets of text don’t work on their own; rather, they need to convince the reader to want more. High-quality reading cues build rapport and tease the reader into wanting more.
Our online courses teach writers how to use these cues drive home the message and guide readers through the reading journey.
Editing is non-negotiable
Ernest Hemingway never said, “write drunk, edit sober," but the message is well worth considering. Your team should learn to write judgment-free first drafts and get their ideas on paper without worrying about every word or sentence. They should let their words stew from a couple of hours to a few days, depending on the time they have, then set to work aggressively editing it.
Our online writing courses teach your team how to put editing and proofreading practices into place that improve the review process. They’ll also learn strategies to edit their (and that of their peers) writing to check for structure, wordiness, and, most important,  effectiveness. We even have a longer course devoted to creating an editing process and reviewing others’ documents to ensure quality, actionable feedback.
Standardized workflows lead to more consistent communication
The writing your team produces reflects on your entire organization, so creating standardized workflows can improve the overall quality and effectiveness of your team's written communication.
Our online writing courses help your team communicate effectively, which reduces miscommunication and improves internal understanding. Such a course also ensures your team can communicate effectively so that they can forge more successful relationships with customers, leads, and other external contacts.
Learn more about the value of online writing courses
At Hurley Write, our online courses are based on science- and research-based strategies to ensure that your team is writing based on readers’ real-world needs, rather than on how someone thinks a document should be written.  
Your organization can reap the benefits of a team with strong writing skills. Let's talk about your needs so we can develop a course, whether online, onsite, or virtual, for your group. Please contact us today for a consultation and free demo.