Hurley Write, Inc. Launches Two New Online Writing Courses


Hurley Write, Inc. has launched a ten-week course, "Writing for Publication," and a five-week course, "Writing Fundamentals." The ten-week course is geared toward professionals and students interested in publishing their manuscripts, and the five-week course focuses on helping writers, especially those whose first language isn't English, hone their writing skills.

Hurley Write, Inc., a company that specializes in providing online and onsite writing courses for engineering, healthcare, life sciences, and government organizations, has launched two new online courses. The first, titled "Writing for Publication", is a ten-week course that's geared toward helping professionals and students write and hone a manuscript for publication. Says Pam Hurley, PhD, the founder of Hurley Write, Inc., "I modeled this class on the one that I designed at Duke University in their Clinical Research Management program. In three months, students were able to develop an idea, write about it, and in about 75 percent of cases, get that manuscript published. We had a very good publication rate. In such a competitive marketplace, publishing can help the careers not only of academics and students, but others as well. A well-written article or two in a well-placed journal can boost careers." The second, a five-week course titled "Writing Fundamentals," is a more basic course, developed for those who want to hone their writing skills and/or for those whose first language isn't English. When asked about the need for such a course, Hurley said, "Well, we've found over the years that more and more folks are working as engineers and in the life sciences field whose first language isn't English. They need to write well, but sometimes they don't have a good grasp how to write readable documents. This class tries to address that." As with all of Hurley Write's online courses, these courses include several supplements that explain the concepts discussed in the courses, provide explanations and discussions and job aid, writing "assignments, and a certificate of completion. Participants can submit their work for written feedback if they choose, which, according to Hurley, is one of the things that makes Hurley Write's classes "unique."

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