Good Writing Skills Necessary for Every Employee, Thanks in Large Part to Email


Employees need writing skills  these days more than ever before. In the modern workplace, most communication is done electronically via written reports, PowerPoint presentations, and email. Only a small percentage of daily interactions take place over the phone or in person. As a result, virtually all employees need to be competent writers, and chances are many of them are not.

Why Do So Many Lack Essential Writing Skills?
Texting and instant messaging are the preferred methods of personal communication for many, and there’s a profound disconnect between this form of communicating with friends and the way individuals are expected to communicate in a business setting . Lower educational standards and the growing prevalence of unedited content on the web certainly doesn’t help.

Poor writing skills manifest themselves in many ways. Some employees use improper sentence structure and make grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Others aren't able to craft clear ideas, and many use text message-style abbreviations and jargon that's not appropriate in a business email.

The Costs of Poor Writing Skills
Failing to emphasize important writing skills among your employees can result in serious costs, including the following:
  • Lost revenue - Unless you monitor daily email traffic, which is a dubious undertaking, you're probably unaware that poorly written messages are reaching customers. Sloppy, unprofessional writing undermines your company and loses vital opportunities for earning revenue.
  • Reduced productivity - When coworkers send and receive unclear messages, time is wasted deciphering and clarifying the information with the sender. Misunderstandings become commonplace and tempers can run high.
  • Career damage - Communication deficiencies limit an employee’s career options and impacts future professional and personal growth. Poor writing skills often translate to poor leadership skills, meaning the employee is less likely to make it to the C-suite.
If you recognize the need for improved writing skills among your employees, act now to stave off negative costs and ensure your company is represented professionally. To get started, please contact Hurley Write, Inc. today.

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