Writing a Winning Sales Letter Is Within Reach — 7 Steps to Get You There


Writing sales letters can be intimidating. After all, successful transactions may depend on them. But if you freeze up or agonize over writing a sales letter effectively, don't worry! We've got seven tips for making your sales letter come together . Here are our 7 sales letter tips:

  1. Put yourself in the customer's shoes. You may be brimming with things you want the customer to know, but the customer doesn't care what you want them to know. Give the customer the information they need to feel secure about a purchase.
  2. Keep it organized. Your sales letter should have an introduction that shows the customer that you understand their problem and have a solution. Your letter needs a body section to answer their questions and impress them with facts, and a conclusion that provides a sense of completion and a call to action.
  3. Make it approachable. Don't use heavy jargon or stiff, formal phrasing. Keep your tone conversational and engaging so the customer doesn't have to work to get through the material.
  4. Grab attention. Imagine flipping through a stack of reading material, only skimming the headlines or titles before deciding which to read in your limited time. If you wouldn't pick up something titled as your sales letter is titled, neither will your prospects.
  5. Interest the customer. Whether by information that's relevant to their needs, anecdotes, or interesting figures, keep your readers' attention  until the end.
  6. Generate desire for your product. Remember, you're not selling the product or service, you're selling the benefit it offers. Will it free up time? Increase efficiency? That's what prospects are looking for, and why, ultimately, they'll buy it.
  7. Direct your customer's next action. Writing a sales letter won't do you much good if the customer doesn't know what to do next, whether it's to call your office for a quote or to buy a product from an online retailer. Tell them!
For more information on how to communicate effectively with customers and others, contact us at Hurley Write, Inc. ! (That was directing the reader's next action, right there.)