The Impact of Your Writing Skills in Business


Professional writing skills are necessary in all fields and can greatly impact your professional image. Rick Suttle, author of “  Importance of Writing Skills in Business ,” writes, “Communication skills, including writing, are one of the most important transferable skills that workers possess.” To ensure that you’re representing yourself, and your business, in the best possible manner, you must properly exercise and practice your professional writing skills.

Writing is used daily in all fields, from emails to memos and reports. Emails, however, can be especially problematic: because we write them so often, we may forget the importance of using language tone , and structure properly. In addition, we should also ensure that we’ve carefully considered our audience to ensure that we use tone, language, and style appropriately. For instance, we wouldn’t use the same tone addressing our boss as we would with a peer. 

Conciseness is especially important in emails. Like it or not, we live in a world of five to seven second sound bites, and readers simply won’t give us lots of time to make our point. In addition, most professionals are busy; thus, we need to ensure that we understand the main point we wish to make and make it. Don’t make your readers wade through information they don’t need or want to get to the point.

Professional Documents
In addition to emails, solid professional writing skills are crucial to ensure that we can develop and write more complex documents such as scientific manuscripts technical reports grants , and standard operating procedures (SOPs). These types of documents require more planning and work than emails and can be vital in ensuring that your organization gets funding, your work gets published, and your teams are able to work safely and produce quality products.
Although strong professional writing skills are the foundation for most professions, many professionals simply lack the skills they need to write concisely and precisely, whether it’s emails, grants, manuscripts, or SOPs. Settle says, “Most business professionals, such as marketing, finance, and research and development managers, need excellent writing skills to properly convey ideas and concepts.” Unfortunately, in many cases, these business people may be experts in their field, but require coaching to help them hone their writing skills. Proper practice and coaching, either via online or customized onsite workshops , can help professionals learn strategies to write more effectively and efficiently.

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