What does effective writing training include?


Posted April 24, 2019

Hurley Write, Inc. recently celebrated our 30th anniversary of teaching customized onsite and online technical, business, and scientific writing courses.

In that time, we’ve helped thousands of clients improve the quality and effectiveness of their written materials. We've also learned a few lessons ourselves! Feedback from customers over the decades has helped us hone our teaching techniques into the refined, effective courses we present today. In honor of our anniversary, here are a few of the lessons we've learned about what it takes to offer successful writing training.


This is a big one. Many of our customers have complained that other writing training courses failed to meet expectations because they weren't able to address the company's true concern. When we analyze company procedures and use actual technical document samples from their team, we can adjust course materials to be company-specific.

Real-world examples

As part of that customization, we incorporate real-world documents from each client to demonstrate the concepts taught in those classes. This gives participants a concrete, immediate understanding of how to apply their new skills to their specific writing projects. “The participants were very engaged because they could apply directly the content they learned to their written assignments,” one client told us.


One recent course participant wrote to us to say, “The writing workshop was actually fun!” We learned long ago that lecturers are for academia, not the business world. By involving students; encouraging participation, interaction, and collaboration; and incorporating active elements like in-class exercises and breakout sessions into the curriculum, classes can maintain a constant level of energy and enthusiasm.


Another lesson we mastered long ago is that not everyone learns the same way, and fostering success for everyone requires cultivating an open, communicative atmosphere. “Anyone could throw out ideas or answers without judgment,” one participant noted. “Outspoken people had a chance to voice their opinions; the more reserved could take notes and ask questions during breaks. The instructor always made sure that the concepts made sense to the participants before moving to the next topic.”


Targeted feedback is critical to skills' acquisition. By providing immediate reactions to revised versions, we ensure everyone gets hands-on experience and corrects the issues they’re likely to run into. This includes feedback after the class, too: we’ve seen great success when we review participants’ writing both before and after coursework to assess improvement and provide additional feedback.
About Hurley Write, Inc.
Hurley Write, Inc., a certified women-owned small business (WBENC and WOSB), Historically Underutilized (HUB), and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), has been designing and teaching customized onsite and online technical, business, and scientific writing courses for over 30 years. We also develop and teach specialty courses, such as how to write proposals and standard operating procedures (SOPs) and deviation and investigation reports, and how to prepare and give great presentations.