Writing Series

We understand that many organizations and businesses know that their team needs to improve their writing skills, but they simply can’t invest in a one-, two-, or three-day professional writing courses.

We have the solution! Whether you're interested in a customized writing course that focuses on business writing , technical writing , writing for engineers , writing proposals , writing standard operating procedures , or another type of writing training to improve your writing skills, our solutions ensure long-term results!

We’re now offering additional shorter, more targeted workshops as a series. The writing series is typically offered in half-day sessions over time, much like the university model, or can be offered in two- to three-hour sessions.

All our of professional writing courses are customized and taught at your facility.

The Benefits?

  • Concentrated focus on topics and issues
  • Work-related homework and other writing
  • Instructor feedback on writing assignments and homework enhance learning and better ensure the appropriate application of concepts
  • Participants' ability to practice applying the concepts between sessions allows them to figure out techniques that work
  • Instructor is available to help participants discover and tweak writing strategies to ensure improvement
  • Participants learn practical strategies they can begin to use immediately
  • Email, in-person, and telephone coaching help ensure consistent and correct application of the concepts discussed

Our highly interactive customized solution uses

  • Real-world examples
  • Breakout sessions
  • Hands-on, individualized feedback on writing
  • Pre- and post-class assessment
  • Targeted lectures
  • Socratic discussion to fully engage participants