Why waste time and money on training if participants aren’t able to practice their newfound skills or engage in long-term learning?

To ensure that what participants learn sticks, we offer a variety of value-adds that can be combined with our onsite writing skills training courses, instructor-led workshops; online courses; and webinars:

  • One-on-one and group coaching
    • We use screenshare technology, webinars, and face-to-face meetings to ensure that your team gets the feedback they need
  • Customized webinars
    • Our clients often use our customized webinars as a refresher after an onsite workshop
  • Pre- and post-class writing assessment
    • Our pre- and post-class writing assessment helps you measure what your team learned in the workshop
  • Pre-workshop writing assessment
    • Our pre-workshop writing assessment provides participants substantive feedback on their writing before the class to help them better understand what concepts will be most applicable to them and their writing
  • Editorial help
    • Many of our clients hire us after the workshop to provide feedback on participants' writing; this helps participants continue to improve
  • Training reinforcement
    • Our training reinforcement takes many forms, including sending individualized messages and resources to participants to help them develop their writing skills

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