After taking your course two weeks ago, I was tasked with writing a brief funding proposal last week. Based on the audience and our discussions in the class I decided to use headings and start off with a Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) paragraph before moving into the rest of the proposal. Shortly after my proposal was reviewed, along with a number of competing proposals, I received word that the review board was impressed by the organization and clarity of my proposal in particular. It's amazing what a difference two small changes can make! In addition, I can't read anything now without noticing excess wording and indefinite adverbs or pronouns (thanks a lot)! Despite the fact that I have always considered myself a decent writer, I can personally attest to the fact that your teaching method was effective and made an instant difference in my professional writing.

AFRL - Sensors Directorate Writing Scientific Papers

"Writing Scientific Papers" Onsite Class

Our unique customized onsite writing courses teach research-based strategies to ensure that your staff spends less time writing while generating clear, precise, and concise documents. Socratic discussion, ample breakout sessions, and in-class exercises ensure a high level of interactivity and that participants understand and can apply the concepts. Need help choosing? Contact us.

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