The course made me take time and think about my writing
Environment Canada Scientific Writing


The course content and short videos helped improve my writing. It would have been nice to be able to control the speed of the video as well as stop and rewind functions. Including visual examples of tables and charts would have helped.
Pediatric Therapeutics, Inc Scientific Writing

I would like to thank you for teaching us this great Scientific Writing Course. I learned a lot from it. The theories and techniques from the course have been and will continue to be used in the process of writing my research reports and scientific papers.

Pacific Storm Prediction Centre, Environment Canada, Vancouver, BC Scientific Writing

Thank you so much! This online course, "Succinct Scientific Writing," has been a great help!
School of Nursing Scientific Writing

Thank you so much for all of your assistance with my paper. This course was so valuable to me both for making my paper stronger and for highlighting things that I need to be more cognizant of in my day to day writing. If my paper does get published, I will definitely let you know.
Quality Assurance Auditor Scientific Writing

Thank you for the course. I have really enjoyed it and learned a lot, especially from taking my time to work through the exercises. I look forward to gain more experience and try out the methods and lessons as I get more involved in writing reports at work.
ESSA Technologies Scientific Writing

"Scientific Writing" Online Class

Our suite of online courses is unique in that each one provides you with your own professional editor for the duration of the course (feedback options only) as well as live chats! This editor is available to answer your questions, provide additional information and, best of all, give you substantive feedback on your writing! The modules within each course can be mixed and matched, allowing you to create a course that meets your needs! Need help choosing? Contact us.

Scientific Writing Online Class 5 5 (6) 6

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