Retention Programs

Why waste time and money on training if participants aren’t able to practice their newfound skills or engage in long-term learning?

To ensure that your team continues to improve, we offer a variety of learning retention strategies:

  • Training reinforcement
    • This easy-to-use platform sends email reminders about concepts and asks participants to engage in short writing tasks and reflect upon how they're using the concepts. This type of reinforcement has been shown to increase talent retention by 79%. 
  • Digital library
    • Includes short videos that remind participants about key concepts, mini-handbooks, and quizzes.
  • One-on-one and group coaching
    • We use screenshare technology and to ensure that your team gets the feedback they need. 
  • Pre- and post-class writing assessment
    • Our pre- and post-class writing assessment provides participants with feedback on their writing before and after the workshop and provides analytics in terms of what your team learned in the workshop.
  • Pre-workshop writing assessment/feedback
    • Our pre-workshop writing assessment provides participants substantive feedback on their writing before the class to help them better understand what concepts will be most applicable to them and their writing.
  • Editorial help
    • Either before or after the workshop, we can provide editorial assistance to your team or individual writers.

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