Other Services


Whether you need editing for one document or many, we do that! Our dedicated team of editors, with over 100 years of editing experience, will edit your documents for clarity, logic, and readability. This service can also be combined with our writing workshops. Contact us today for a quote.


Whether your team needs writing coaching for one project or many, we can help. Our team of professional writers, editors, and coaches can work with your team to help them create better documents in less time. Our coaching services can also be combined with our writing workshops. Contact us today for more information.

Communication Audit

Does your organization need help with its overall communication strategy? Do customers complain about your reports? Does one email result in lots of back and forth? Are your SOPs not being followed? If your organization could benefit from a communication audit, we’d love to help! Contact us today for more information.

Maximizing the Medium: Engaging your Audience in a Virtual World

The world is changing, as is how your team engages with their audience. The issue is that the strategies your team uses to interact with clients, customers, and team members in face-to-face meetings may not translate to a virtual environment. In today’s ever-changing environment, your team must know how to lead engaging virtual meetings.

In this fun, interactive workshop, your team will learn strategies related to digital etiquette and how to run effective, engaging online meetings, regardless of the platform.
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