"Successful Proposal Writing" Course

Successful proposals are the lifeblood of many organizations; if they’re not effective, your organization doesn’t get new business, may lose existing business, and may not get the funding it needs to survive. Unfortunately, many businesses lack the expertise to write successful proposals.

At Hurley Write, we have over 25 years helping organizations , both public and private, write successful, persuasive proposals. We can help your organization target readers, write the various sections of the proposal so that they’re readable and persuasive, make appropriate language choices, and show readers the benefit of your solution.

All courses are customized and taught at your facility.

Participants will learn to

  • Persuade and engage readers
  • Ensure that decision-makers can read and understand the proposal quickly and easily
  • Write a compelling Introduction that encourages reading
  • Write a logical problem statement and section
  • Persuade readers that your solution is the best one
  • Write a compelling, persuasive proposal
  • Write the various sections based on readers’ needs and your organization’s goal

Our highly interactive customized solution uses

  • Real-world examples
  • Breakout sessions
  • Hands-on, individualized feedback on writing
  • Pre- and post-class assessment
  • Targeted lectures
  • Socratic discussion to fully engage participants

  • Thank you so much for all your help during these last six weeks. I personally believe that your course has provided me the tools necessary to become a more successful writer and I hope with more hard work that I can one day produce high-quality scientific manuscripts.
    West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine Writing Proposals +View More
  • Thanks to your suggestions, you help me to understand the areas where I needed to be clearer and more concise. I don't believe that I would have been as comfortable submitting my application without your assistance. You've helped me to strengthen my writing and communication skills and I feel better prepared for future writing experiences.
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Proposals +View More
  • The class 'Writing the Scientific Manuscript' was extremely valuable as it established approaches to the writing process that can be used in any writing assignment. The feedback helped me understand when and where I was not getting my point across to the reader.
    Dover Product ID Group Writing Proposals +View More
  • Your [online] course was nicely designed for working people as it didn't require lengthy exercises yet repeatedly touched on problem areas. Learning to avoid non-referent pronouns and subsequent considerations of sentence length and wording presented options I'd never considered.
    Markem-Imaje Writing Proposals +View More

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