"Effective Writing for Engineers" Course

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Yes, engineers have to write, too (although for many, writing is painful!). Whether their readers—your readers—are clients, colleagues, or taxpayers; federal or state agencies; laypeople or experts, they need to write clearly and succinctly enough to convey the message the first time.

Don’t panic. They can do this.

Our course for engineers equips participants to write streamlined, reader-friendly, usable documents. They’ll spend less time writing and editing and more time doing the work that’s really important.

All courses are customized and taught at your facility.

Participants will learn

  • Proven strategies to target readers
  • Research-based techniques to write documents that get to and stay on point
  • Effective organizational strategies to write concise, precise sentences and paragraphs
  • Proven techniques to enhance readability and usability
  • Methods to write succinctly and concisely
  • Enhanced strategies for writing the various sections of engineering reports and other documents

Our highly interactive customized solution uses

  • Real-world examples
  • Breakout sessions
  • Hands-on, individualized feedback on writing
  • Pre- and post-class assessment
  • Targeted lectures
  • Socratic discussion to fully engage participants

All courses are customized and taught on-location at your facility.

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