Onsite Writing Workshops

A Solid First Impression

Your team's writing is like a handshake. To clients and prospects, it’s one of the first, most visible ways they’ll get to know your business—whether done well or done poorly, it will leave a lasting impression.

And, listen, we know: technical, business, and scientific writing can also be a tedious, frustrating slog. But, like anything worth doing, mastering it just takes time and practice.

When taking professional writing workshops & classes, excellent teachers don’t hurt either.

What Makes Our Professional Writing Courses Unique

Here’s the thing about writing: writing is only half the job. The other half is reading. Connecting with your reader means understanding how they read.

Readability studies are the foundation of our philosophy, our methodology, the entire way we teach. This research gives writers the means to make good choices about how to structure documents, paragraphs, and sentences. Writers learn specific strategies to gain reader buy-in and compel readers to take action.

In short: when your team knows how readers read, they'll know what to say to them, and how.

As intelligent problem-solvers, your team already knows how to do this. Our job is just to teach them how to apply their critical thinking skills to their writing. Really. They already know how to write, even if they don’t know they know it.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: our business writing workshops work. Our clients hire us again and again because our onsite business writing workshops, teaching methodology and the concepts we teach are so effective. Need proof? Check out our client list or contact us; we’ll be happy to provide references, evaluations from professional writing courses we’ve taught, or a no-cost consult.

Before you spend money on other professional writing courses, talk to us. We’ll show you how our professional writing workshops are different and how we can help your team achieve positive, long-term results.