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Welcome to the Learning Portal! In this section, you’ll find a variety of writing resources, including writing tips, case studies, videos, podcasts, and white papers. Have an idea you’d like to see discussed?
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Case Studies

Read how Hurley Write’s variety of writing courses and delivery methods helped businesses solve their writing problems.

Recent Research about Writing

Read the latest research about writing from nationally recognized authors and thought leaders.


Need writing tips? We have that. Need to understand the ROI of writing training? We have that. Interested in learning more about our online or onsite workshops? We have that, too. Our videos cover a wide variety of topics.


If you’re looking for writing tips, information about the benefit of writing training, or stories about our clients, our newsletters are a “must-read.”

White Papers

Need something to read? Our white papers cover everything from how Target’s use of the word “manatee” created an uproar, how miscommunication was partly to blame for the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and why writing training has a definite ROI.

Writing Tips

Need a quick lesson on the difference between active and passive voice? When to use a shorter versus a longer sentence? How to develop more effective editing strategies? Find the answers in our writing tips section!