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Individualized Coaching with a Hurley Write Expert

Coaching can be incredibly effective IF and only IF…

The coach is effective. So, you may be asking, what makes a coach effective?

An effective coach is one who

  • Focuses on the “big picture” (not grammar)
  • Asks questions instead of telling you what to do
  • Makes suggestions based on what readability studies say (not on their own personal preferences)


A writing coach will save you and/or your team hundreds of hours of writing time and may even improve your bottom line.

What are you waiting for?

What we find in our coaching sessions

Writers who write based on grammar rules

We know that grammar is important; what we’re saying is that grammar can be easily fixed with AI. Understandable content? AI can’t fix that.

Writers who’ve received conflicting feedback

Here’s the problem: a lot of feedback is based on nothing more than pet peeves and this kind of feedback can be frustrating for writers because they have no basis for making changes.

Writers who have no idea about what makes a document readable

Part of this is due to inconsistent feedback and feedback that isn’t based on readability or science; rather, the feedback is based on what a reviewer “thinks” is right (which is often wrong).

A lack of rationale for feedback

Writers want to do well and they want to please their readers, whomever that may be. But when they’re not provided a rationale for suggestions, they’re in the dark and will never improve.

If this sounds like your organization, consider Coaching by a Hurley Write expert.

What you can expect from Coaching

Most organizations never bother to coach their writers, because they thinking is that “well, they’re college-educated, they should be able to write.” Or they don’t understand how to coach or simply don’t have time to coach.

Coaching can be extremely beneficial for lots of reasons:

  • It creates autonomy in writers
  • It helps writers understand their writing issues and HOW to fix them
  • It saves writers time because they have solutions to their writing issues

You'll receive

Our process for coaching with Hurley Write expert

Actionable steps by our experts

Suggestions that are based on readability, which means they can be implemented in a wide variety of documents

Individualized feedback

grammatical issues

A roadmap that indicates how to continue to improve.

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Over the past 30 years, we’ve taught over 50,000 professionals strategies to write better documents in less time. Thousands of professionals can’t be wrong.

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Frequently asked questions

01. What experience do your coaches have?

Our coaches are experts in their field—they’re all published authors, teachers, and have vast experience working with a variety of professionals in diverse fields.

All of our feedback is science-based; that is, it’s based on what research says about how readers read. We will not correct your grammar issues, but will provide resources about grammar for you.

We read your documents and, using our proprietary rubric, flesh out what your primary issues seem to be. We also provide you with a roadmap that helps you understand what your issues and how to fix them.

We provide feedback, in most cases, within 24 hours for shorter documents; longer documents take more time.

Yes, you can.

Most sessions are 30 minutes; however, if you need more time, we can accommodate that.

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Prefer to chat? Call us at 877-249-7483

(172 Reviews)