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Help! How Can I Reduce the Time I Spend Editing My Team's Documents?

Q: I spend half my week correcting my team’s documentation! How can I reduce the time I spend fixing their work?

A: There's an easy way to reduce the time you spend rewriting your team's documents: Make your editing skills unnecessary.

Your team is made up of experts, including scientists, engineers, or other professionals who know everything about your research, products, and services. They're intelligent, talented people who understand data. The trouble is that reports, proposals, and other business documents aren't simply about presenting data; these documents require communicating complex information in a concise, meaningful way. And to do that, your team needs writing skills.

Writing ability isn’t simply about proper spelling and grammar, although those are important. It’s mainly about using the same critical thinking skills your team uses in business, science, or technology and applying those skills to the writing process. This involves knowing how to ask and answer questions:

This is where writing courses come in. Teach your team how to identify and target an audience, create a time-saving writing strategy, and prepare effective and engaging text, and you can slash your revising time.

You might even get to go home early on Friday.

Learning to write strong technical, scientific, and business documents can be challenging, but it is a learned skill that more than pays for the effort you put into it. Contact Hurley Write toll-free at 877-24-WRITE (877-249-7483) or by email for more information about our business writing training courses.

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