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Make a Resolution That Will Make a Difference: Improve Your Writing in 2013

Dart in 2013 bullseyeAre you concerned about how your team's writing measures up to that of your competitors? You should be! Whether you and your team write technical, business, or scientific reports, or you simply keep clients informed via email, much of your success depends on clear, effective writing. Achieving the best possible writing for your team requires you to set clear goals, just as you would for any other skill that needs improvement.

A simple goal can make a big difference

A successful writing program needs a driving purpose. Begin by determining how writing fits into your organization, and then develop goals accordingly. For example, is your team responsible for writing grants? Your goal might be to increase grant wins. Or, if your team responds to customer inquiries, perhaps your goal is to reduce follow-up customer-service calls. If you write reports, maybe you want to decrease the number of questions from clients. 

By giving your team a reason to improve their writing, you'll make the activity easier for the organization's leaders to support (and more difficult for employees to avoid).

Measuring up

Ensure that the goal you set is clear and measurable. "Complete five reports per month" is measurable; "write more often" is not. Also consider creating concrete "micro-goals" for your team, such as scheduling time to write or completing a certain number of pages daily. Document the goals and the results per employee or per department, and be realistic. Unattainable goals will only discourage staff.

Building writing confidence with a pro

One sure way to help employees meet writing goals is to help them improve their writing abilities. Producing clear, concise, successful content is a learned skill. Do your employees avoid writing because it leaves them feeling less than competent? Or do communications among teams or between staff and clients break down because of poorly written emails or status reports?

Technical, scientific, and business writing each demand a particular skill set. A writing course that teaches these skills can pay for itself in increased productivity and new projects or clients.

A good technical, business, or scientific writing course will offer content and delivery to fit your needs:

The time to act

This is the perfect time to set writing goals for the upcoming year. And, now is also a great time to act on those goals: Hurley Write is offering limited time end-of-year promotions for its online courses. (Check out "Don't Miss These December Deals" in this issue of The Write Way for details.) If you’re interested in giving your staff a more hands-on approach through interactive workshops and breakout sessions, Hurley Write also offers customized, onsite writing courses. Improving your team's writing will be the easiest resolution on your list. Happy 2013, indeed!

Teaching your team to use a sound writing process is crucial to the success of your business. Hurley Write can teach your employees to write stellar content. Email us or call us toll-free at 877-24-WRITE (877-249-7483).

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