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Three Essential Steps to Ensure that You Never Miss Another Writing Deadline

Tip from the TrenchesAs year-end approaches, many professionals find their to-do lists growing. Writing tasks often end up at the bottom of the list, regardless of their importance.

If you find yourself procrastinating or stressing over writing assignments, a writing plan can help. By creating a plan, you can get your writing done on time and with less hassle.

Although developing a plan takes a little extra time up front, it can cut your writing time in half. In developing a writing plan, you're forced to consider your writing strategies and whether they're really working. Once your writing plan is perfected and you've used it multiple times, it will become second nature and writing tasks won't seem so daunting.

Your plan should include at least three steps:

  1. Evaluate your audience: Try to understand your target readers. What’s their interest in the topic? Do they have any biases about you, your firm, or the subject? How will they read the document (Will they skim, or will they read the document in its entirety?).
  2. Evaluate your purpose: Consider what you want your writing to accomplish. What action do you want readers to take after they’ve read the document? Decide if you want them to contact you, pass along the document, or make a decision. Look at the entire outcome: If you want readers to call you, for example, what will you do when the call comes?
  3. Give yourself deadlines: The Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences recommends setting interim deadlines to keep you motivated and on track.

With a little planning you can eliminate the stress and hassle, not to mention potential mistakes, of last-minute, hurried writing. A comprehensive writing plan will you keep you on track and save you time. Hurley Write can show you how.

Learning to write effective content can be challenging, but this learned skill more than pays for the effort you put into it. Contact Hurley Write toll-free at 877-24-WRITE (877-249-7483) or by email for more information about our customized business, technical, or scientific writing training courses.

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