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With Clear Reporting, Compliance Is Covered

Woman and a boy readingAmerica Reads-Mississippi (ARM), an AmeriCorps program, works hard to improve students’ reading skills. Its 350 full-time members help young people in more than 85 schools throughout Mississippi. The ARM members attack the literacy problem at all levels, from increasing the number of teachers to working one-on-one with students. ARM was so busy instructing young people that it didn’t have time to take care of its own communication problems.

ARM members create service project reports to describe ARM services and submit the reports to AmeriCorps headquarters in Washington, D.C. These written communications are vital, yet often require intensive editing and rewriting by ARM program staff. ARM needed a writing course to help members improve their reporting. The program needed to accommodate ARM's federal grant stipulations as well as members' busy schedules and other specific program needs. After considering several options, ARM found Hurley Write, Inc.

Personalized attention
Hurley Write designed a customized program for ARM. The writing course included six online modules, which the ARM members could access on their own schedules. Writing samples at the end of alternate modules provided examples of well-written ARM reporting.

Members also submitted their own writing samples for review. Hurley Write edited these samples; members used the comments to revise their work, then resubmitted each piece for additional review.

“Hurley Write reviewed each member’s writing and provided notated proofs via email detailing changes that needed to be made,” says Ronjanett Taylor, state program director at ARM. “The personalized attention to each of our members was invaluable.”

A follow-up course covered resume writing, cover letters, and email etiquette. “I thought I knew how to write, but Hurley Write showed me different and better ways to communicate,” says ARM member Vicktory Thompson. “The online writing course also improved my ability to communicate with parents and even helped me better analyze and interpret the writing in things I read.”

Increased efficiency
Since using Hurley Write’s services, ARM is enjoying a more efficient reporting process, as well as expanded career opportunities for members. ARM members who have completed the writing course are more viable candidates for teaching positions in partner schools.

Communication with members has improved, too: Members who completed Hurley Write’s modules can more clearly communicate their ideas and services via monthly reporting worksheets and timesheet descriptions, which means less time rewriting and proofing documents.

“The benefits of this course extended beyond ARM by helping me construct better-written papers and reports in college,” says Kim Wilson, ARM member. “I just think Hurley Write’s class is a class everybody should take, especially those going into a field that involves any kind of professional writing.”

For ARM, like many organizations, solid writing skills are proving to be beneficial now and in the future. “Hurley Write’s services have helped our members, which in turn improves our organization,” says Taylor. “It also gives each individual the tools they need to be more marketable to future employers.

Are you tasked with writing scientific or technical content that non-technical readers can understand? Hurley Write can show you how. Email or call us toll-free at 877-24-WRITE (877-249-7483).

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